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Reniso’s Core Offering is an all-encompassing property monitoring service for landlords such as yourself. This includes a wide range of solutions that ensure that you are fully aware about your property.

Property Inspection and Reports

  • Conducting periodic visits to monitor health of the property and to identify issues early
  • Inspecting property from various point of view – architectural, plumbing, electrical, housekeeping
  • Undertaking house inventory check at the time of tenant move-in and move-out
  • Generating detailed reports containing descriptive photographs of identified issues and recommendations on any repair work
  • Local news and insights from surrounding areas near your property such as construction of a new metro rail, shopping complexes, etc.

Tenant Management

  • Understanding and solving for your tenant’s house management issues, providing solutions and escalating the important ones to you
  • Assisting you in on-time rent collection
  • Verifying payment of utility bills and RWA / society charges

Online Property Dashboard

  • Login based 24X7 online access to all your property’s information at
  • Detailed Inspection reports made available through online dashboard and email
  • Concise display of income and expenses related to your property
  • Dashboard access to your tenants for issue reporting and progress tracking

Basic Consultations

  • Easy access to reputed lawyers for basic consultation / clarifications
  • Free initial design consultancy from our panel of expert designers


Reniso’s leasing service aims at providing you with the best rental returns on your property investments. Our leasing service is based on strategic insights and market analysis, and is comprised of

Property Marketing

  • Creating an attractive portfolio for your properties which includes highlighting furnishings, facilities, location, important landmarks and other factors
  • Listings on top websites to ensure maximum interest generation and property visits
  • Providing a ‘Rental Improvement Report’ containing recommendations for maximizing rental yields
  • ‘Reniso Certification’ for subscribers who choose the comprehensive set of Reniso services, to further enhance property marketability
  • ‘Key Holding Services’ and property viewings conducted by Reniso’s trusted property management partners

Tenant Screening and Verification

  • Experienced Reniso partner network searches for prospective tenants for your property, who are shortlisted based on attributes specified by you
  • Reniso’s on-ground representatives personally meet those shortlisted and select 3-4 prospective tenants from an owner’s perspective, profiles further shared with you
  • Final selection of the tenant done by you, i.e. the landlord
  • Reniso conducts checks on credit history, employment, identity, past tenancies, police verification etc. for the finalized tenant

Legally vetted lease agreements

  • Legally vetted and robust rental agreement, containing demarcation of responsibilities of owner and tenant

Reniso’s engagement continues throughout the lease period as your property manager

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Reniso provides a full suite of maintenance services for your property through our network of empaneled professionals, along with a warranty on all works

Full Assurance and yet Econimical

  • 100% waiver on labor costs for ALL maintenance activities
  • 6 months warranty for workmanship on ALL maintenance works
  • Full Integration with Reniso dashboard for complete issue tracking, from issue initiation to its closure

Comprehensive coverage

  • Scheduled services like cleaning and servicing of ACs, water tanks, pest-control, etc.
  • On-Demand repair works such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, etc. as and when reported


Reniso gives you access to services of trusted/ best designers and architects and complete peace of mind through 12-month warranty on works

Expert designs and quality execution

  • Panel of expert designers and architects providing functional and aesthetic designs
  • Solutions tailored to individual owner needs using only superior quality materials
  • Best price quotations on bespoke works

Comprehensive monitoring with full assurance on budget and timelines

  • Regular monitoring of works and tracking on online dashboard
  • Assurance of adherence on budget and timelines
  • 12-month warranty on workmanship


Reniso’s in-house property experts evaluate market trends to provide you with unparalleled insights and guidance at the crucial time of sale and purchase of your property

Property Valuation and Research

  • Establishing a benchmark of the property value through a scientific valuation report from a registered Valuation Expert
  • Comparison with prevailing transaction prices in properties in the neighborhood
  • Conducting surveys of rental and capital value growth

Marketing and Transaction Assistance

  • Our network partners ensure that your property gets optimum coverage in online as well as offline platforms
  • When purchasing a property, we help you narrow down localities for investment and search for the best deals within them
  • Once the buyer / seller is identified, we handhold you in every step of the transaction to ensure smooth completion

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Reniso provides comprehensive legal coverage and solution to all your property related requirements

Full spectrum of Legal Services

  • Trusted legal advice on your legal case by our network of experts
  • Advice in litigation related matters

Legal Assistance in Sale-Purchase

  • Our legal experts ensure that your interests are fully protected on the legal front, whether you are purchasing or selling your property
  • Legally vetted and thoroughly verified sale-purchase documents

Documentation Assist

  • Legal correspondence and issuance of / reply to notices
  • Preparing documents for use in courts, banks, etc.





Reniso advises you in financing your property investments in the most efficient manner and in ensuring that the value of your property stays preserved

Property Insurance Advisory

  • Advising on possible and mandatory need based issues related to the property’s insurance
  • Assisting you in assessment of insurance policies and selection of an apt insurance policy
  • Periodic renewal of Insurance Policy(s) and assessment any changes in terms of the policy

Home Loan Services

  • Finding a suitable low cost home loan
  • Assisting in documentation for new loans as well as for switching
  • Simplifying and expediting the overall process for loan disbursal

Tax Planning and Filings

  • Tax planning regarding your income from property
  • Property tax solutions and assistance in filings